Is your Psychology degree recognised by professional bodies such as the British Psychological Society?

Abertay University has two degree programmes that have been accredited to confer eligibility for Graduate Membership of the BPS (British Psychology Society) with Graduate Basis for Registration. Accreditation is subject to the requirement by the BPS that the minimum standard of qualification of a second class honours is achieved. The accredited BSc (Honours) Psychology offers two foundation years covering Psychology, Research Methods and Sociology. Students specialise in Psychology in the final two years.

In addition to all the core areas of the BPS curriculum, the programme offers a range of psychology options in third and fourth year, which may include Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, specialist topics in Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, Sport Psychology, Health Psychology, Applied Psychology, Psychology in Education, Community Psychology, Animal Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Clinical Psychology (the latter with contributions from clinical practitioners). All final-year students submit a supervised psychology project in an area of their own interest.

The accredited BSc (Honours) Forensic Psychobiology covers core areas of Psychology with other disciplines. Compared to the BSc Psychology, Forensic Psychobiology has greater focus on psychological explanations of criminal behaviour and allows students to explore specialist subjects in Forensic Science and Biology.

Psychology forms a large part of the BSc (Honours) Behavioural Science, and to a smaller extent to the BA (Honours) Social Science. However, these two programmes are not BPS-accredited. Note that students on the BSc Psychology, BSc Behavioural Science and BSc Sociology can transfer freely among these three programmes during the first two years.

The psychology department is actively involved in research and has excellent research laboratories, which students can use for their final-year projects. There are specialist research laboratories offering, for example, behaviour observation, eye-tracking, vision research facilities, human factors research facilities and speech analysis, along with a range of other experimental psychology research facilities. The university has excellent library and computing facilities, and the psychology department has its own recently-upgraded teaching Laboratories.

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